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Palladium supported on a polyionic resin as an eff...

Author: Basu D.;Das S.;Das P.;Mandal B.;Banerjee D.;Almqvist F.

Catechol violet as new, efficient, and versatile l...

Author: Basu B.;Mandal B.;Das S.;Kundu S.

Solvent induced distortion in a square planner cop...

Author: Mukherjee S.;Pal C.K.;Kotakonda M.;Joshi M.;Shit M.;Ghosh P.;Choudhury A.R.;Biswas B.

Light induced degradation in nanocrystalline Si fi...

Author: Mukhopadhyay S.;Goswami R.;Ray S.

Task-Specific Properties and Prospects of Ionic Li...

Author: Bablee Mandal, Sujit Ghosh and Basudeb Basu

Remarkable effects of dopant valency – a compara...

Author: Islam M.;Adhikari S.;Pramanick S.;Chatterjee S.;Karmakar A.